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Catering + Events

Food spread

Multiverse Kitchens offers Pick-Up or Drop-Off Catering for 10-200 guests. Call us today to place an order for your next event: 434-284-5630

What’s Included:

  • Platters + Plastic Ware to Serve
  • Pick-Up at Multiverse Kitchens: cold (with reheating instructions) OR Hot (ready to eat)
  • Delivery ($50 fee): cold (with reheating instructions) OR Hot (ready to eat)


Number of SnacksPrice/Child (12 and under)Price/Adult

Mini PB&J Sandwiches (V)

Chicken Dumplings

Cucumber + Hummus (VG)

Chicken + Waffles

Cheesy Potato Souffle (VG)

Pork Belly Steamed Buns (+$4 ea)

Curry Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Pork Dumplings

Ham + Pepper Jelly Biscuits

Shrimp Spring Rolls

Bacon Potato Souffle (G)

Mini Scotch Eggs (+$4 ea)

Grilled Lamp Lettuce Wrap (G)

Veggie Dumplings (V)

Fried Chicken Biscuit

Lamb “Lolli Pop” (+$4 ea) (G)

Mini Lobster Rolls (+$5 ea)

Seasonal Bisque (G)

Platters (feeds 10 people)

Raw Seasonal Vegetable Platter + Dipping Sauces $40

Grilled & Chilled Seasonal Vegetable Platter + Dipping Sauces $50

Poached Shrimp + Cocktail Sauce + Lemon $75

Roast Beef Tender Loin + Parker House Rolls + Pickled Onion + Horseradish Cream $150

Buckets o’ (feeds 10 people)

Fried Organic Chicken Thigh with choice of sauce $75

Fried Organic Chicken Tenders with choice of sauce $100

Dry Rubbed Organic Chicken Wings with choice of sauce $100

Pints of Sauce ($8 each)

Fowl Mouthed Ranch

Honey Mustard

Fancy Sauce

Grilled Pineapple BBQ

Buffalo Sauce

BBQ Sauce

Kid’s Birthday Party Event

Rent out Multiverse Kitchens for your next Kid’s Birthday Party, available for $50 per child (maximum 10 children). Choose from one of our Kid’s Cooking Classes. Food and drink included. Choose 1 Main and 2 Sides.

Classes (Choose One):

  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Pasta
  • Breakfast (Pancakes + Bacon)

Mains (Choose One):

  • Chicken Tenders
  • Friend Chicken Sandwich
  • Burgers
  • Hot Dogs

Sides (Choose Two):

  • Tater Tots
  • Mac + Cheese
  • Carrots + Ranch
  • Fries
  • Cucumbers